The Dragonborn

The undisputed masters of the world. For 700 years the race of dragon men, driven by their goddess, have been reshaping this world to suit their needs. Their vast, airborne empire, spans this world from the frozen north to The Edge in the South. They live in flying cities held aloft by some secret magic. Each city is beholden to the emperor, but retains it’s own government to manage its own affairs. The cities are ruled by a governor who controls the military and is responsible for defense and security.

The dragonborn are a military race. They exist to make war. When there is no other race to war against, they turn to each other. It is said that, on their home world they had defeated all other races and come to dominate utterly. When there was no one left to fight, they turned inward and began to destroy themselves. In her desire for conquest, their goddess imparted on them the power to create the great city ships to lift their cities into the sky. She then promised to find a new world where she would guide them.




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