Skyship Operation

The dragonborn are not great innovators. With few exceptions, all of their technology has been stolen from defeated enemies. So it is with the skyship. When the dragonborn gained the secret of creating their magical engines, they simply installed them into their sailing ships. They lacked the imagination to come up with new designs of their own so their flying ships still resemble the ocean going vessels of old.

Skyship Attributes:

Hull Type: General classification of a ships hull. The dragonborn navy used 6 different hulls. There may be more. Stay tuned.

Tonnage: For our purposes, one ton is equivalent to 50 cubic yards of space. This is not a measurement of weight.

Keel: The overall length of the hull in feet, not including bowsprit or other projections.

Beam: The width of the hull in feet.

Gun Decks: Most ships have at least one level of deck below the main deck. A gun deck is outfitted almost entirely for housing of the ships guns. Additional guns are often mounted on the main deck. For some smaller ships, like corvettes, the main deck IS the gun deck.

Guns: The total number of guns a ship can mount.

Crew min: The smallest number of crew that can operate the ship at full potential. Less than this number and the ship cannot reach full speed or maneuverability.

Crew max: The most medium sized creatures that can fit aboard the ship.

Maneuver Class: This is the max number of faces in a six sided hex that the ship can turn. The captain can choose to turn less than this number, but cannot turn more without successful proficiency checks on the part of the crew.

Airworthiness: This is the max number of turning maneuvers a ship can make during its movement.

Accel/Decel: The max number of hexes a ship can add to, or take away from it’s current speed.

Engines: The number of engines on the ship.

Hull Points: The amount of damage the hull can withstand. This number is equal to the ships tonnage.

Armor Rating: Represents the difficulty of penetrating the hull. Much like armor class, a lower rating is better.

Cargo: After crew, guns, furnishing and other necessities, this is the amount of space left for carrying other stuff.

more to follow



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