The Coming of the Dragonborn

The Coming of the Dragonborn

The first months after the breaking were a time of confusion and chaos for all peoples of the world. Different societies reacted in different ways. Some began waging wars of conquest over weakend neighbors. Others united in the common cause of attempting to rebuild They ended wars and resolved conflicts that had lasted for generations. The world was drastically changed in other ways as well.

The impact had stripped away nearly an entire hemisphere of the globe. The remaining lands were cast in a layer of clouds and dust cast skyward by the collision. It was only along the broken rim of the world that the sun was still visible in the skies. Known as ‘The Edge’ to the dragonborn, this region is universally shunned and avoided.

It was hundreds of years before the cloud layer settled back to earth and the sun re-emerged over the blackened charred wasteland. It was still hundreds more before the land itself began to recover and green things spread across the face of the earth again. Perhaps, if left to their own, the free peoples of the world would have been able to overcome this challenge and re-establish themselves. The invasion of the dragonborn destroyed any chance of recovery.

Within months of the impact, huge mountains of rock carrying the cities and armadas of the dragon men descended from the heavens through the clouds. Hundreds of flying cities dispersed across the remaining lands of the world and unleashed their fleets on nations that were unprepared to protect themselves. The epic battles and heroic deeds of the greatest of this world were not enough to stem the tide of the vast invading dragon army. In the end, the Dwarfs were driven underground, the Humans were enslaved, and the Elves were systematically slaughtered. There seemed to be a single-minded determination to eliminate every elf from the face of the planet.



The Coming of the Dragonborn

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