The Gryphon

The Gryphon is a unique vessel constructed by Sterran over the hundreds of years he spent safeguarding the valley. Unlike the dragonborn, Sterran was able to study the magic of the engines and improve on it. While dragon navy ships still require sails for propulsion, the Gryphon can move without them.

Though Gryphon is a large ship (nearly 300 feet in length) it is faster and more maneuverable than most other ships in the sky. Because it does not require sails, it does not require an entire crew to operate at maximum capacity. Sterran constructed and installed four magical engines aboard his ship. Each engine is tied to a system of magical ley lines that run through the ship and channel through a system of control levers at the helm. A single person can fly the ship unassisted.

Gryphon has four full decks and massive cargo hold. The top is an open space, with ports for 50 guns. 25 guns can be fitted into special mounts along each side of the ship. In the center of the deck is a covered hatch opening into the cargo hold. The stern area holds a three story structure that Sterran used as his home. The top floor contains the pilot house. The second deck has many cabins, and unused rooms. The third deck has more rooms and a central gun deck with mounts for an additional 58 guns. Ports for 25 guns line each of the port and starboard sides. Additional mounts for 4 guns are found in the bow and stern. The fourth deck is also divided into rooms and chambers for storage or other purposes. The fourth deck also allows access to the cargo hold.

Hull Type: Unique
Tonnage: 80
Keel: 280 feet
Beam: 60 feet
Gun Decks: 2
Guns: up to 108
Crew min: 1
Crew max: 800
Maneuver Class: 3
Airworthiness: Base 4
Accel/Decel: 3
Engines 4
Hull Points: 80
Armor Rating: 3
Cargo: 40 tons


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