Esmerelda lives in the isolated Valley of Gen. She lives on a farm with her parents, younger brother Collin younger sister Jara. Her Grandfather, Sterran also lives on their farm in a small cottage. Her universe is limited to the Valley as there is no contact with anything beyond the mountains.

Esmerelda is educated by her Grandfather and spends most of her time with him. As she grows up, she develops an interest in singing and performing. Spurred on by her Grandfathers tales of the ancient world beyond the valley, she uses her imagination to create one woman shows that she performs for the people throughout valley. They are not very interested.

One day during her 12th year Sterran reveals that he is a Mage and begins training Esmerelda in aracane arts. She finds that she can only manipulate magic with her songs.

During her 13th year, Sterran takes Esmerelda from her home and brings her to Ursay, a strange old woman who lives at the eastern edge of the Valley. Ursay begings to train Esmerelda in the use of the sword.

Esmerelda spends the next 6 years training. She continues to perform for the people of the Valley. She never feels that she belongs.

When She turns 19 life takes a drastic turn. One day while practicing, she witnesses a fireball in the sky. It crashes through the cloud layer that covers the valley and lands nearby. When she investigates she finds her dying grandfather and the guardian, a mysterious mechanical man. Before he dies, Sterran tells her to find her mother.

Esmerelda goes to her mother with the guardian. Her mother reveals that Esmerelda is not her child. She does not know who Esmerelda’s real mother is. At that moment the valley is invaded by a flying city that drops through the cloud layer. Flying ships disembark from the city and Dragonborn invaders begin attacking the villages and enslaving the people.

Esmerelda flees with the guardian to find Ursay. When they get to Ursays cottage they find 3 of the dragon men ransacking the cottage. After defeating their enemies, Esmerelda and the Guradian descend through a trap door in the cottage to find a tunnel leading deep into the mountains.

They find Ursay in a vast underground cavern where she has a flying ship of her own. Ursay reveals that she is not only Esmerelda’s mother, but that she is an elf in disguise. Ursay and Sterran have been the self-appointed guardians of the valley for 700 years! Esmerelda is a half elf! In fact, she may be the only half elf in existence and for some reason, the dragon born belive that she answers a prophecy of their mystics. Her existence foretells the end of their empire and they want her killed or captured.

Ursay gives esmerelda a choice. They can flee the valley together to face the outside world or they can stay and try to help the remaining people of the valley. Perhaps they can organize a resistance. Esmerelda chooses to remain and use her developing power to resist the invasion.

The young rebellion begins to grow as Esmerelda rescues more of her people from the clutches of the dragonborn. She also captures some of the dragonborn ships. On the first vessel she captures she finds Gronk, a Goblin engineer who begins to teach her about the operation of the flying ships.



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