This page is intended as a sort of “Home” page for the players. At this point, I’m still working on the exact layout, but each player has a Wiki page with a few useful links and the freedom to create new pages for whatever they want to add.

XP Table

Forum Post: 10xp
Journal Entry: 10xp
Adventure log Post: 10 – 50xp
Creativity Bonus: 5 – 25xp (5pt increments)

I’ll call this the message box for lack of a better name. I’ll use this to post any notes about the site…or to give you guys some info that’s better left out of the forums…my first thought is to post your xp awards here so you get a quick place to see what you’ve earned. I’ll also update your character sheets as well.

5/8 Tuesday: Made some initial xp awards. If you look at your character sheet you’ll see your current xp total in the red section. You’ll also notice a little blue progress bar (just for visual effect). This first award is just for forum posts. I’ll go back through and award some creativity points. Also, Mike…I owe you for our VT sessions so far.

5/9 Wednesday: Added a tab for each of your characters on the side menu as a shortcut directly to your character page. That should take you down to two clicks to get to your current forum post.

5/15 Tuesday: Added 10 xp to Falgren for posting! Added 50 xp creativity bonus to Falgren. Anytime you create NPC’s, name them and then write dialogue with description you’ll get some xps. Feel free to invent people as we go along. I’m happy to weave them into the story. If you come up with an idea for a cool NPC…go for it!

5/15 Tuesday: Added 50 xp to Esmerelda for past creatvity bonuses…still owe for VT sessions.

5/18 Friday: 10 xp to Esmerelda for forum post…added 400xp to Esmerelda for past VT sessions.

5/24 Thursday: 10 xp to Falgren for forum post

12/9 Sunday: Made some changes to Esmerelda’s character sheet. Beginning to switch to 2E though still considering Pathfinder…hmmm

1/1 New Years Day: Made further changes to Character sheets and added a character sheet for The Guardian

1/6 Awarded xps



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