The Gods



Each world is watched over by a single spirit. These spirits are the gods of their respective planets. The spirit of any world is the product of the life that inhabits it. In most cases these spirits begin their lives in much the same way as the life that produces them. At first they are formless; simply unorganized collections of swirling energy. Over time they begin to become aware and develop purpose and will. Some of these spirits coalesce into single beings, while others divide into separate aspects each with its own unique qualities. In this way, some worlds are dominated by a single god who is all things to all followers, and others are ruled by pantheons of many gods, each with it’s specific sphere of influence, though they are all simply aspects of the original spirit and therefore a part of the whole. In all cases, the power and influence of these spirits depends on the success and worship of the lives they oversee.

The gods are free to leave their worlds and visit their distant counterparts, but it is impossible for the gods to physically enter the mortal realms of another world, for the power of a worlds spirit repels the spirit of another, much as magnets repel each other. Until recently, this has prevented any god from ‘physically’ contacting other worlds for any purpose, good or evil. This balance has been maintained for billions of years, but now something has gone horribly wrong.


The Gods

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