Hi and welcome to Violent Skies. Thanks for taking the time to look around. It’s still a bit of a WIP here but thanks to the great community here on OP, I’ve been making good progress. More detail about that once I create an ACKNOWLEDGMENTS page….

First, a note on navigating the site. I hope it’s all pretty straightforward. Use the blue “button bars” to get around between the pages… Anywhere you find one of these

…it should lead you right to where it says. Generally a button will be named after the page it links to and a “Home” button will take you right back to the main page. There are also many places, like the charcters page, where clicking on an image will take you to the associated page. You can also click on the Violent Skies banner at the top of the page to get “Home.” You may also notice the menu of buttons to the left of the page. This side bar is intended as a set of quick links to sections we use more often. Depending on the size of your screen, you might not see it there.

We are a ‘Play by Post’ campaign. The play by post role play can be found in the THE FORUM. You’ll also find lots of buttons to take you back and forth between forums…or back home if you choose.

I have added adventure logs that link back to the forum posts. So…when the players and I complete a segment of our story on the forums, I will create an adventure log with a summary and a link to our posts. That will also generate a notification if you are a fan of the page, or a friend.

Also, since the story is being told as we play, I will be continuously adding information to various pages as it is revealed to the players.

I love feedback so feel free to PM me or you can leave a COMMENT if you have anything to say.

Thanks and enjoy!


UPDATE: The conversion to 2nd edition is done. Now the conversion to the new CSS is underway. GAH!


This is a TODO list of things I am still working on in no particular order:

  • CSS!!!!!
  • Convert characters to 2nd edition
  • Acknowledgments page formatted
  • More links and formatting for “Players” pages
  • adding “Player” buttons to more bottom bars
  • Continue formatting Forum posts
  • Flesh out NPC pages further
  • New Maps
  • Flesh out “The Edge” and “The Cavern” pages
  • Add art work to the various races pages
  • Add art work to the “Engines” page and the “Floating Cities” page
  • Continue to develop the “Flying Ships” page and ship specs for the Rebel Fleet
  • Fix “Space God” pic in “Other Entities” page
  • Format and rethink layout and use of “Other” page
  • Flesh out “Cannonroot” page
  • Side Menu Bar
  • Video Trailer
  • Adventure Logs
  • Add links to Adventure logs to forum menu bars
  • Add Adventure log link to Story page
  • Cross linking
  • Create and flesh out Item page
  • Convert text links on main pages to image buttons


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